Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School Director: Sis. Thelma Anderson

Our Sunday School is a fun place for children, ages 3–18, to learn about Jesus and the Bible. At Calvary Apostolic Church, we like to think of our children as flower seeds. First, we make sure they are planted in fertile soil by offering them a friendly and safe environment in which to learn. Next, we feed them a steady diet of scriptural truth and spirit-filled worship to nourish them so they can establish a firm footing. Then, we just sit back and watch them blossom into beautiful young Christians, well prepared to take the Gospel message to a lost and dying world.

We invite you to join us next Sunday so you can see our beautiful garden for yourself!

Primary/Beginner class is for ages 3-9 and is taught by Sis. Candra

Junior class is for ages 10-14 and is taught by Bro. Richard and Sis. Serena

Youth class is for ages 15-18 and is taught by Bro. John