Ted and Patricia Molander

Ted and Patricia Molander

Sister Patricia Molander was born and raised in Split Log, Missouri. Her family moved to California in 1941. She met her future husband, Ted Molander in his home town of Antioch, California in 1953. She lead Brother Molander to the Lord and they were married on Aug, 31, 1955. She was baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus in October, 1955 and received the Holy Ghost in January, 1956.

Bishop Molander was baptized in January, 1956 and received the Holy Ghost about three months later in April, 1956. He and his family attended First United Pentecostal Church in National City, California under Pastor Leamon Reynolds. He was appointed head of the Children’s Church and Sunday School departments in 1957 and became known as “Mr. Sunday School” in that area.

He left the National City church in 1960 when he accepted a position as Assistant Pastor and Director of Christian Education at Revival Tabernacle, San Diego, under Brother David Gray. He returned to First UPC 8 months later and became Brother Reynolds’ Assistant Pastor. He started a Prison Ministry sometime around 1968 and continued in that work until moving to Rowland Heights to start the church in La Puente in 1970.

Throughout his entire tenure in the San Diego area, Bishop Molander served as an evangelist and was willing to go wherever God lead him. In addition to his church responsibilities, he worked as a builder in order to support his family and the work of God. He also used his talent to construct several new churches during his early years, planting seeds for Jesus wherever he went.

Bishop Molander served as the Pastor of Calvary Apostolic Church from October, 1972 until his retirement in September, 2014.  He is a firm believer in the power of prayer, something he teaches everywhere he goes. He has also started several missionary works in Mexico since becoming the Pastor of Calvary Apostolic Church. He was named Bishop of those works in 1986. As a result, he is a strong supporter of foreign missions and believes that they are the heartbeat of God.