“Fight for your Future”

“Fight for your Future”

Fight for your Future –  Brother Franco Platania

1 Corinthians

Main Points

  • Jesus will go to the other side
  • GOD can do whatever
  • As long as you got you got jesus, you are going to be alright
  • The church was desight by GOD to make it through the flood
  • The Church is going to have to put up with the stench to be saved
  • Keep your eyes on the lord and you will never drown
  • The fight that you feel is the fight for your future
  • In order to have revival, you have to let jesus come a shore
  • If jesus ever comes on the side of the land and proclames that land, there will be revival
  • Whatever is comeing against you fight back
  • No matter what comes against us, there will be souls saved
  • The devil doesnt want you to have a future but GOD wants you to have a future
  • Demons dont posses anybody but humans
  • If you keep on praying for dominion, the more control you will have over your territory
  • It is the future that you really have to fight for
  • The more people we win, the more control we will have
  • The devil wants to hold you hostage
  • No matter how many demons come against me, i know what i am fighting for



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